Tom Allen Cinematographer

Tom Allen, a cinematographer with over 7 years of experience; started his career after completing a BA Photography Degree at Portsmouth University in 2013. Since then, Tom has worked across a variety of areas, including narrative-based films, music videos and commercials; working with Jaguar, the BBC (Humans), and CitizenM.

A training in photography provided Tom with the skills to create a work-style which marries creativity and practicality. He has developed an understanding of how to communicate emotion through light and framing, whilst simultaneously conveying energy though camera movements which both complement and juxtapose what you see on-screen.

His experience with portraiture has also led to a distinctive style of cinematography. His aim is always to use as much natural light as possible in his work, using light modifiers to shape and enhance the world around him. His extensive editing experience enables him to plan and predict shots in advance and advise on-set, often saving time in post-production.

Tom currently owns & works with the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k, though has extensive experience with Arri, Red, Canon and Sony cameras.
Tom In 1997 with brother